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Tamworth Secure Parking FAQs

What is the minimum amount of time I can leave my vehicle at TSP?

Vehicles may be left for the period of your storage, however the storage is based on a day rate and the minimum charge is for one day.

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor parking?

All vehicles are left in a secure area, however outdoor parking is open to the weather. Vehicles booked Indoors are placed in an enclosed area and not exposed to the elements.

Can I store my caravan indoors?

Building size restrictions limit what we can store under cover.

The maximum size of any vehicle to be stored under cover is 5.5m long x 2.1m wide x 1.9m high.

Vehicles larger than this may still be stored in our secure outdoor parking area.

I have an Electric Car. Can it be charged while I am away?

TSP has limited availability to charge Electric Cars. Additional costs apply for this service. Please pre-book and discuss your options with us.

Do I need to leave my keys with TSP?

Vehicles may need to be moved within the facility to enable parking of or access to other vehicles. You will need to leave a set of keys with the Facility Staff. Keys are kept in a locked safe.

Can I park my vehicle on site?

As there are often many vehicles within the facility, TSP Staff will park your vehicle on site at the appropriate location.

My vehicle is unable to be driven. Can I leave it with TSP?

Only vehicles in a drivable condition may be left at Tamworth Secure Parking.

I am flying out from Tamworth Regional Airport. How do I get to the airport once I put my car in Secure Parking?

For customers booking with TSP, we offer a complimentary valet service. Staff will drop-you off and pick you up from Tamworth Regional Airport in your car. This prevents having to shuffle bags into different vehicles.

What do I do if my vehicle doesn't have enough seats for you to drop me at the airport?

Please contact Tamworth Secure Parking staff to discuss your options.

If catching a flight from Tamworth Regional Airport, what time do I need to drop my vehicle off?

We ask that you arrive at Tamworth Secure Parking a minimum of 1 ½ hours prior to your flight departure time. This will allow time to complete paperwork and for TSP staff to drop you to the airport with time to catch your flight.

Are you able to deliver me to the train station or bus stop?

The courtesy valet service applies only to the Tamworth Regional Airport. If you need to get to other locations, TSP staff can assist you in arranging a taxi to your location.

My flight arrives after your office has closed. Am I still able to collect my vehicle then?

The staff at TSP are able to meet all Commercial and Charter flights to and from Tamworth. This includes flights on Public Holidays and outside office hours.

What do I do if my flight has been delayed?

Should your flight be delayed, please give staff at Tamworth Secure Parking a call and confirm any changes to drop-off or pick-up times.

There will  be no additional after hours surcharge for flights changed due to airline or weather delays.

When does the after hours surcharge apply?

The after hours surcharge only applies during the following times:

     Monday to Friday:                       Prior to 7:00am  and After 5:30pm

     Saturday:                                      Prior to 7:00am and After 2:00pm

     Sunday and Public Holidays:    All Day


The surcharge applies for customers:

  -  dropping a vehicle off at Tamworth Secure Parking

  -  checking in at Tamworth Secure Parking for a transfer to meet a flight

  -  arriving on a scheduled flight to collect a vehicle

  -  picking up a vehicle from Tamworth Secure Parking

  -  accessing stored vehicles               


At Tamworth Secure Parking, the security of your vehicle is a priority and our storage facility contains advanced security systems.

Security Features

  • On Site Office and Manager in Tamworth
  • Security Fencing
  • 24 Hour Security Surveillance and Back to Base Alarms
  • Facility Lighting
  • Full Fire Protection
  • Regular Preventative Fumigation Program